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iCorner is a web design and web development company with the intention of empowering small business owners to embrace the internet simply and with confidence. Read more..

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Courteous services will make a customer a walking advertisement. We earned.

 Web Design

Web Design

Your website is an essential part of your business, It is important to give it the attention it deserves. We repeatedly see great design strategy for delivering perfect results for your businesses in a successful manner.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Customers want different things. It’s mobiles with breakfast, desktops with lunch and a tablet after dinner. Be there for them every step of the way with a responsive design that allows your website to adapt itself to different screen resolutions, automatically.

 Web Design & Development

Web Development

Behind the scenes, our developers will turn your website design concepts into a functioning masterpiece. Once the design concepts for your website are complete, the development team is responsible for a number of behind the scenes tasks.

eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce Solutions

Every eShop has an objective, Whether It’s purchases, enquiries or calls. We combine digital knowledge with experience of web design. Our web development methodology is centered around achieving your objectives.

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems

There are plenty of options when it comes to picking a CMS, Depending on how advanced you need the CMS to be, what language it's built in, and who is going to be using it, it can be a nightmare, but we matching it for your shape of business.

SEO Services

SEO Services

Even a normal people find businesses through the search engines now-a-days, Effective SEO campaign ensures that your website is always visible and at the top of the search results, maximizing your website traffic, sales and customers.

Why iCorner?

Choosing the right team can make all the difference.

Unlimited Support

Our friendly and experience team are available to assist you.

Quality Web Design

Creating an effective online business presence with Professional Team..

SEO Friendly

Get more traffic with a Search Engine friendly website.

Affordable Packages

Making costs down and still deliver a quality product.

Free Web Hosting

Register your domain and get one year free web hosting.

Free Website Optimization

We can drive online faster than the customer front door.

Unlimited Revisions

Unlimited revisions guaranteed to have a unique website you love.

Impressive Reputation

Stream of referrals we receive from our happy clients.

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[பொருள்; எந்தத் துறையில் ஈடுபட்டாலும் அதில் புகழுடன் விளங்கவேண்டும்; இயலாதவர்கள் அந்தத் துறையில் ஈடுபடாமல் இருப்பதே நல்லது.]

[Meaning; If you are born (in this world), be born with qualities conductive to fame. From those who are destitute of them it will be better not to be born.]

Let’s text about your ideas and how we can help you create the website of your thinking. You can expect to hear from us within 24 hours, but we will get back to you asap.