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*Updated on: 14'Feb 2023

#1 Service

Web Design & Development

It impacts how your audience perceives your brand.

Your website is an essential part of your business, It is important to give it the attention it deserves. We repeatedly see great design strategy for delivering perfect results for your businesses in a successful manner.

#2 Service

Digital Marketing

We are here to listen from you deliver exellence

Using digital marketing, you can reach an enormous audience in a way that is both cost-effective and measurable. You can save money and reach more customers for less money than traditional marketing methods. Get to know your audience and allow them to know you personally which can help to create brand loyalty.

#3 Service

Hosting & Support

It's extremly crucial for small businesses.

Web Hosting is important for small businesses. If a website goes down, your users won't be able to access your website and it may affect the image of your company, resulting to bad reputation of your business.

What our Clients are Saying

Choosing the right team can make all the difference.

We’ve been doing this since 2016. so, We have proven experience and an extensive portfolio to match. iCorner is dedicated to innovation and is constantly evolving services to meet the needs of our clients. We know how important your online presence is in engaging customers, generating leads, and closing sales for your business.

We believe Business is less about looks and more about strategy. That’s why we adopt a result focussed, strategy-first approach to every project we take on. We understand every business is unique therefore our online solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs. We service clients across a multitude of industries and can help you too!

Expert Technicians

Our friendly and experienced team are available to assist you 24/7 free of charge.

Impressive Reputation

There’s no marketing better than word of mouth. A client who brings you more clients is more valuable than anybody else, even if they are not your biggest customers. Stream of referrals we receive from our happy clients.

Even small local businesses that only serve their hometown need a site. That’s because the web is the first place people go when looking for a product or service. A website helps every business.
Customers are much more likely to trust a professional address like [email protected] than [email protected].
Yes, It depends upon the package you choose.
It depends on the complexity of your website and how urgent you need it. Usually a normal website takes 5-7 Business Days.
There are different service plans with rich features for users of all experience levels. You can call us for best quote +91 9698080706.
There’s no right or wrong answer for that. I usually try to get a domain that ends with .com since people will remember it. If there are no .com available for that name, I’ll go with .net or .org.
If you already bought a domain name, you’ll need to get a web hosting provider, too. Otherwise, you can’t set up your site. also you need a better website designs as brand portfolio, here we are to help you with that.